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Creative Agency


Production Company


Bakeshop Media is a NYC based creative agency and production company focused on branded video content.  We believe in the creativity of production in order to better serve the quality of the final product, and less to simply uphold outdated production standards.  Budget, technology, and creative vision inform us of all the potential ways to approach any project.  It is our creative talents and technical skills that guide us to the best end result.  These ingredients, along with our thoughtful attention and passion for storytelling, provide us with the perfect recipe to create something special.

Equally as important, we adhere to a no-jerk policy.  Why make anyone’s day-to-day any harder with negative attitudes?  We believe in working together charged with positive and fun energy, to remind you that you can enjoy what you do.  We do.


  • All
  • Elias Freiberger
  • Raoul Paulet
  • Alison Noel
  • Dan De Lorenzo
  • Patrick Cecilian
  • Kevin Slack


Bakeshop offers full services towards the development of branded video content from creative conception, production, to post-production.

    • concept ideation
    • pitching
    • script writing


    • line production
    • casting
    • location scouting


    • edit
    • sound design mix
    • color correction